Farmer’s Wife.

Farmer’s Wife.

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Danielle is proudly wearing her grandmother’s flag pin. Her grandfather was a decorated Army veteran of both World War II and the Korean War. Her grandmother and grandfather are buried together at Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia.


“A safe, healthy, and prosperous Eastern Washington isn’t partisan.  We can do more when we work together and put people over politics.”

Danielle Garbe Reser, candidate for State Senate, LD 16

From the Situation Room to the Board Room, Danielle has the leadership qualities and experience to represent us.

Danielle is proud to call Eastern Washington home and to have been raised with the values of hard work and service to country and community.  She is running to bridge the divides between Eastern and Western Washington and our rural and urban regions.

Danielle wants our government to work for us, and she has a track record of results.  As a Foreign Service Officer, Danielle advanced American values and interests overseas and at the highest levels of our government, including at the White House. As CEO of Sherwood Trust, she focused on effective investments and partnered with local organizations and governments to create jobs, build facilities, and train leaders.

As a fifth-generation farmer’s wife, Danielle knows the importance of stewarding our natural resources and making wise decisions for today and for future generations.  She will bring common sense, community-driven, and fiscally responsible solutions to Olympia.

Like Danielle has done for her entire career, she will put people before partisan politics. Rural Eastern Washington needs a powerful advocate in Olympia who can engage both parties and fight for the resources our region will need to recover.

Let’s send Danielle to Olympia as our next State Senator.

Danielle not only brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to this role but also a heart of service for our communities. She will be a voice of reason that will advocate on behalf of the needs of the 16LD.
Ruben Alvarado, Pasco City Council
She’s smart, collaborative, and will focus on the issues that are important to us.
Scott Peters, Community Leader
Danielle is a proven leader who brings experience in maneuvering complicated bureaucracy to achieve the varying goals that best serve those of us who call Eastern Washington home.
Norma Hernández, Mayor
Danielle has a demonstrated record of understanding public service, at the federal and local level. Having served overseas as an Army officer and Foreign Service Officer, I have enormous respect for Danielle’s service, which often put her in difficult and dangerous circumstances while representing the interests of the United States.
Aaron Perrine, Former Infantry Officer and Army Ranger, United States Army
She has energy, vision, and the ability to convene people together to understand issues, empower people, and accomplish amazing goals. We deserve a Senator who will work for all of us. Danielle reflects our district at its best. She is deserving of your trust and your vote.
Bertha Clayton, Immigration Lawyer
She will represent the needs and interests of everyone in Eastern Washington.
Martin Valadez, Pasco community leader
Danielle would be an outstanding senator for Eastern Washington.
Laura Minnick, President, Minnick Land Company
Danielle's ongoing commitment to public service reflects impressively good instincts, leadership skills, and strength of character. I believe she will be a powerful voice for our district and our needs, and I enthusiastically endorse her candidacy.
Professor Robert Withycombe
Danielle is the perfect candidate for the 16th District. She is a genuine ally for the constituency, especially for those that have been historically under represented. Her knowledge, hardworking spirit, combined with her compassion will truly revolutionize the position.
Rick Griffin, Community Leader