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Officials – Current and Former

  • U.S Senator Patty Murray
  • Commissioner for Public Lands Hilary Franz
  • U.S. Congressman Adam Smith
  • Senate Majority Leader Andy Billig
  • State Senator Jeannie Darneille
  • State Senator Mona Das
  • State Senator Sam Hunt
  • State Senator Karen Keiser
  • State Senator Patty Kuderer
  • State Senator Marko Liias
  • State Senator Liz Lovelett
  • State Senator Joe Nguyen
  • State Senator Jamie Pedersen
  • State Senator Emily Randall
  • State Senator Christine Rolfes
  • State Senator Rebecca Saldaña
  • State Senator Jesse Salomon
  • State Senator Derek Stanford
  • State Senator Kevin Van de Wege
  • State Senator Lisa Wellman
  • State Senator Claire Wilson
  • Valoria Loveland, Former State Senator, 16th LD
  • Sharon K. Nelson, Former State Senator, Former Majority Leader
  • Port Commissioner Jean Ryckman, Franklin County
  • Fred Crowe, Former Columbia County Port Commissioner
  • Mayor Norma Hernández, College Place
  • City Councilmember Zahra Roach, Pasco
  • Ruben Alvarado, Pasco City Council
  • Harvey Crowder, Former Mayor of College Place
  • Barbara Clark, Former Walla Walla Mayor and City Council Member
  • Rebecca Francik, Former Pasco City Council Member
  • Judy Mulkerin, Former Walla Walla School Board Member

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  • Punkey Adams
  • Bill Albee
  • Meagan Anderson-Pira
  • Meagan Bailey
  • Doug and Karen Bayne
  • Dillon Benitez
  • Barlow and Dalia Corkrum
  • Ann Berner Counsell
  • Kate Bobrow-Strain
  • Allen Brecke
  • Chandler Briggs
  • Christine Brown
  • Kati Brown
  • Diana Broze
  • Dan and Ginny Butler
  • Nina Buty
  • Jon Campbell
  • Jennifer Casper
  • Lydia Caudill
  • Sharon and Larry Clinton
  • Megan Clubb
  • Robin Consani
  • Janis Corn
  • Ted Cox
  • Karen Craddock
  • Lynn Crook
  • Lori Dohe
  • Jan Asher Dolph
  • Dwyla Donohue
  • Debbie Dumont
  • Elizabeth Dwonch
  • Suzanne Feeney
  • Cheryl French
  • Jeanie and Chuck Fulton
  • Darcey Fugman-Small
  • Sandy Garcia
  • Donna Gardner
  • Dave Glenn
  • Linda Gunshefski
  • Yamile Gutierrez-Bernal
  • Betsy Hadden
  • Cheryl Hansen
  • Marilyn Hawkins
  • John Hein
  • Patrick Henry
  • Linda Herbert
  • Wendy Hernandez
  • Kathryn and Mark Hess
  • Tracii Hickman
  • Barbara Hoffman
  • Margaret Hoglund
  • Susan Holme
  • Holly Howard
  • John Jamison
  • Tiffany Jenes
  • Val and Mary Ellen Jensen
  • Dr. Robert Arnold Johnson
  • Charleen Kaaen
  • Nancy Kress
  • Sharon and Tim Kaufman-Osborne
  • Kathy Ketcham
  • Kaylee Knowles
  • Shareen Reser Knowles
  • Rev. Dorothy Knudson
  • Chris Kontos
  • Cathy Lee-Haight
  • RL McFarland
  • Vicky McClellan
  • Stacy McPherson
  • Sarah Michelson
  • Rogers B. Miles
  • Nancy Monacelli
  • Kathy Mulkerin
  • Larry Mulkerin
  • Christopher Nelson
  • Skip and Paula Nichols
  • Jennifer Northam
  • Lindsey Oldridge
  • Judy Peasley
  • Jim Peterson
  • Lauren Platman
  • Charles Potts
  • Beth Powers
  • Alicia Quackenbush
  • Jeffrey Robinson
  • J. Andrew Rodriguez
  • Renee Rooker
  • Shirley Ruble
  • Steve Schmidt
  • Margo Scribner
  • Claire and Larry Siegel
  • Randy Slovic
  • Kathy Small
  • La Dessa Smelcer
  • Joy Marie Smith
  • Dorothy Steding
  • Barbara Stubblefield
  • Julie and Dick Swenson
  • Carol Jean Thompson
  • Rebecca Thorpe
  • Debbie Toews
  • Kelly Trop
  • Megan Toliver
  • Nancy Tavelli
  • Jean Trenary
  • Ynez Vargas
  • Martin Valadez
  • Nick Velluzzi
  • Craig and Ursula Volwiler
  • Kathie Werner
  • Katherine Wildermuth
  • Heidi Wilson
  • Jim Wilson
  • Robert Wohr
  • Dennis Yule
  • Kathryn Zahl

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Endorse Danielle
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Danielle not only brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to this role but also a heart of service for our communities. She will be a voice of reason that will advocate on behalf of the needs of the 16LD.
Ruben Alvarado, Pasco City Council
She’s smart, collaborative, and will focus on the issues that are important to us.
Scott Peters, Community Leader
Danielle is a proven leader who brings experience in maneuvering complicated bureaucracy to achieve the varying goals that best serve those of us who call Eastern Washington home.
Norma Hernández, Mayor
Danielle has a demonstrated record of understanding public service, at the federal and local level. Having served overseas as an Army officer and Foreign Service Officer, I have enormous respect for Danielle’s service, which often put her in difficult and dangerous circumstances while representing the interests of the United States.
Aaron Perrine, Former Infantry Officer and Army Ranger, United States Army
She has energy, vision, and the ability to convene people together to understand issues, empower people, and accomplish amazing goals. We deserve a Senator who will work for all of us. Danielle reflects our district at its best. She is deserving of your trust and your vote.
Bertha Clayton, Immigration Lawyer
She will represent the needs and interests of everyone in Eastern Washington.
Martin Valadez, Pasco community leader
Danielle would be an outstanding senator for Eastern Washington.
Laura Minnick, President, Minnick Land Company
Danielle's ongoing commitment to public service reflects impressively good instincts, leadership skills, and strength of character. I believe she will be a powerful voice for our district and our needs, and I enthusiastically endorse her candidacy.
Professor Robert Withycombe
Danielle is the perfect candidate for the 16th District. She is a genuine ally for the constituency, especially for those that have been historically under represented. Her knowledge, hardworking spirit, combined with her compassion will truly revolutionize the position.
Rick Griffin, Community Leader