Strong Starts for Kids 

One of the best investments we can make for our future is to support families and give kids a strong start through quality child care and early learning programs.  Child care centers are small businesses that need help reopening, and their reopening is critical for families to be able to return to their workplaces.  We will realize a significant return on our investments in early learning because more kids will be ready for kindergarten and ready to learn throughout their school careers.  


Resilient Economy for All of Us 

A resilient economy is one that can weather downturns without significant economic shocks to our communities.  Our small businesses will need government support to help them reopen and get back on their feet. In Eastern Washington, we know more taxes is not the answer.  We can grow our economy and get people back to work by investing in the infrastructure to help businesses get goods and produce to market — roads, rail, dams, airports, bridges, and broadband.  We need public-private partnerships, apprenticeship programs, and strong community colleges to ensure a well-trained workforce for the jobs of the future.  We need an electrical grid that is resilient for growth and our carbon-free future targets.  A resilient economy is also sustainable for our environment and protects the water, air, and healthy soils our farms, our communities, and our residents need to thrive.


Safe Communities

We need our public safety systems to work well and equitably in our communities to protect our families and keep all residents safe.  Comprehensive approaches to community safety including having more affordable housing across our district to create safe neighborhoods and stable families, from those just starting out to our senior citizens.  We need to ensure lessons learned from the coronavirus pandemic help inform how to improve our systems and responses so we are prepared for future emergencies.


Accessible, Affordable Healthcare

Our healthcare providers have been community heroes, and we need to continue to support them to have the safety equipment and supplies they need to keep medical facilities open, safe, and staffed.  Our communities, especially in our more rural areas, must continue to have access to quality healthcare providers, from our primary care providers to specialists and mental and behavioral health support, including in English and Spanish.  Our seniors need safe, affordable long-term care options, either at home or in the community.  We need transparency in our medical costs so that no one has surprise bills and prescriptions are affordable.  We need to prioritize our taxpayer dollars towards programs that promote prevention and wellness so we can bring down the overall costs of healthcare.

Government That’s Accountable, Accessible, and Secure

Government should solve problems, not create new ones.  Our elected officials need to hold our state government accountable and ensure our taxpayer dollars are used carefully and wisely.  It is not acceptable for hundreds of millions of our taxpayer dollars to go missing from the Employment Security Department, and we need an investigation to ensure this breach never happens again at ESD or in any other department.  Our data needs to be secure, and we need online systems that are not overly burdensome for small businesses or individuals needing to access services.


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